Ngechu Mary is the Patron of this initiative. Her dream as a social entrepreneur is to develop skills and create decent jobs for Kenyans while contributing to the industrial growth of Kenya. In doing this she is contributing to shaping the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa that respect the aspirations of the UN SDGs and Kenya Vision 2030.

By managing waste as a resource, instead of as a problem, Taka Taka Ni Mali seeks to establish new industries, new investment, and new jobs. There is immense potential for decent employment opportunities at the different steps of the waste management hierarchy.

Through the Waste Management and Entrepreneurship Hubs (WMEH), Taka Taka Ni Mali works to address the challenges faced by highly potential but disadvantaged women and youth by creation of decent work opportunities, both as a means of self-employment and as job creation for others.

The Waste Management and Entrepreneurship Hubs (WMEH) aim to maximize the value of all the material resources we use in our Kenyan economy, helping to create new business opportunities as well as helping businesses find savings in how they use materials and manage their waste.

For more information please visit Taka Taka Ni Mali Website


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