Values for Today’s Entrepreneur

A lot of people ask; WHAT BUSINESS CAN I DO? That is the wrong way of looking at it. I will simply describe entrepreneurship in the following manner:

  • Identifying a problem or a gap.
  • Coming up with an idea to solve the problem/ fill the gap.
  • Value addition is a key part of the solution to the problem or the gap.
  • It is Critical that the problem has room for growth.

Entrepreneurs are already beginning to see opportunities in a situation, organization, or community and dream of possibilities that would make it a reality. They however need to create an inspiring vision of tomorrow and motivate people to engage with that vision.

Today I will share these values that I have found enduring in my journey:

Be a Change Agent – I strive to create a new direction, and guide people down the path of that new direction. I challenged gender occupational segregation by bringing women to work in manufacturing production floor which is often dominated by male workers. I wanted a good gender balance and equal opportunity in production lines.

Be Courageous- Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the willingness to do something in spite of fear.

Be Decisive– Always being in a state of perpetual indecision leaves you stranded, unable to move forward, but most likely to move backwards.

Be Flexible – Most SMEs will only manage to buy in small quantities. Unlike other packaging manufacturers in Kenya our organization allows for small scale buying which is most crucial for SMEs to manage their cash flow.

Persevere– It is not always smooth but what helps an entrepreneur is the ability to remain steady in a course of action; having tenacity and endurance despite hardship or discouragement.

Be a Risk Taker– People avoid risk when possible, because they want to play it safe. You may not always succeed but there is a lot to be learned from failure than success.

Be Creative– Dream. Don’t even think “outside the box.”…throw away the box.

Learn Learning never stops, it is a continuous process.

Grow your people – Create a family culture where people are happy, motivated and care about each other. Empower your employees with skill/ aptitude.

Value Friendships – The old school of entrepreneurship will tell you that you cannot mix business with friendship. The new school of entrepreneurship says there is a way to be friends without compromising relationships or undermining alliances. We can never do it alone. Grow business by growing friendship.

Acquire Self-Discipline- There are natural born leaders, but most leaders are made by hard work and self-development. Strive to achieve self-mastery through self-discipline: wield a strong will against your impulses to steer your future to one of your choosing.

Be Honest– Truthfulness and integrity. Albert Einstein said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because someone is watching.

Be Confident-When you do not have a steady belief or trust in yourself and your abilities, how will you gain followers?

We were all given the inborn ability to shape these characters and personality in a positive way. YOU can develop the qualities that you consider desirable and necessary for your entrepreneurship journey.

For some people it will be easier, and for others it will take more time and effort. Start Now…Don’t Stop.

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